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 Since 1999, we have been providing pest control services, termite control services, treatment and repair services for termite infestations, and the treatment for bed bug infestations to business owners, commercial property owners, multi-living property managers, restaurants, and private residences of Southern California, San Diego, and to the entire Bay Area.


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Team Rid A Mite is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured termite and pest control company. We are licensed by the State of California for termite and pest control as well as the Structural Pest Control Board. We also hold an Indoor Air Quality certification. 


Earth Friendly Pest Control

 We are proud of our use of “Green” products to keep your families, pets, tenants, staff, and/or customers safer. And depending on your needs, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services. We can also offer custom scheduled servicing for commercial clients who need servicing to be completed around normal business hours. At Team Rid A Mite, we are fully committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction, and we provide the best warranty in the termite industry, period. We also provide a 30 day warranty on the removal of other general insects and rodents. 

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Bed Bugs

Honest advice, free quote!

I travel a lot for work, and the idea that I might bring home bed bug scares the crap out of me.  So when I woke up one morning with small red itchy marks all over my stomach, I freaked out and started calling exterminators.  I tried a few other places first, but they either didn't answer the phone, gave ridiculous quotes, or said that there was a fee for an inspection. At first when I called Team Ridamite, I spoke with April over the phone - she said she would set something up and have one of the inspectors call me, but that they would be able to do an inspection later that same day! Tony called me about an hour later, and confirmed a time - and he arrived right on time.  He was friendly and full of knowledge and helpful tips on how to avoid, detect and destroy bed bugs.  He also laughed with me because he said that people usually wait months (not just 1 day) before they call his company.  He did a thorough inspection that included my bed, the bedroom, the suitcase, couch and (I offered, he didn't ask) the bite marks.  Thankfully, he didn't find any upon inspection - but since it was early days he gave me some great tips (eg. remove everything from under the bed, move the bed away from the wall, and put tape with the sticky-side up on all of the bed legs, to detect anything walking up or down the bed legs; shaking out clothes and suitcases when leaving hotels and airplanes and other places where infestation is a risk; life cycle of bed bugs etc).  I suspect the bite marks were from either fleas or bed bugs from staying at a friends place a few days earlier, but thankfully they don't seem to have followed me home.  BIG thank you to Tony and Team Ridamite for helping set my mind at ease and providing a free inspection.  I hope I won't need them, but they will definitely be my first call for any extermination needs going forward.




I had a leak in my shower wall. after attempting to paint over the surface I found mold under the base boards. they ripped out the drywall, shower stall & cabinet. replaced with new.

my experience was very positive. they were very professional. i was without the use of my bathroom for two days. the work was done in phases so i would have the use of at least one bathroom.



I knew I had mice in the crawl space underneath my house thanks to my dogs.  I called Ridamite Friday and they came out Wednesday (the lag mostly due to 8 am being my only available time).  They came out, inspected the crawl space as well as the outside perimeter of the house, and went over the services I needed - which included vent repairs, traps in the crawl space, box traps in the yard, and a spray around my perimeter to kill ants.  All of these things I knew ahead of time I needed because they're obvious.  The only upsell he gave me was a quote to have them come out every 3 months to spray the perimeter and replace the mouse box trappings, but I actually like that idea so I don't have the mice come back.

I was very happy with the representative who came out.  He was very nice and friendly and tolerated my yapping dogs well as he worked around the house.  It took about 2.5 hours from start to finish, and I'm very relieved to know that no one is getting back in under the house to colonize.  For all that work, I was very impressed that the bill was only $175.  This was my 2nd experience with Ridamite.  I had called a couple of years ago because I was having a problem with pests in the kitchen (some kind of fruit fly).  Tony came out and told me that they are attracted to sunlight, so all I had to do was leave my kitchen window open (screen off) and they would leave themselves, which they did after a full day.  I still used him to spray for ants, but he really took care of 2 major problems for me for the price of 1.

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