Pest Control

Whether it is a condominium complex, an apartment complex, a commercial plaza, a shopping center, a warehouse, or a private residence, insects and pests can become a serious problem within a short amount of time. Insects and pests bring with them diseases, health risks, sanitation issues, and costly property and product destruction. With our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of professionals, Team Rid A Mite can provide services to rid both your personal and business structures from infestations from insects and pests as well as provide routine pest control services and other preventative measures to help assure that future insects and pests stay away from structures that are treated and protected by Team Rid A Mite.

We Offer Both Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Team Rid A Mite is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured termite and pest control company within the state of California. We have been in business since 1999. Moreover, each of our inspectors and technicians at Team Rid A Mite are fully licensed by the state of California. Therefore, we have the credentials, experience, and the ability to handle insect and pest control services, termite services, and bed bug services for both larger scale commercial clients and property managers as well as smaller scale residential clients. We are capable of servicing multi-family dwellings such as condominiums and apartment complexes as well as single family dwellings. We are also capable of servicing large scale commerce structures such as commercial plazas, shopping centers, restaurants, and warehouses. And depending on your needs, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services. We can also offer custom scheduled servicing for commercial clients who need servicing to be completed around normal business hours.

What to Expect from our Pest Control Services

At Team Rid A Mite, we will work had to arrive on the day that you call. Once we arrive, we will give you a free evaluation for the job that needs to be completed (as long as the structure is not in escrow). We will do a complete inspection of the structure including the attic and subareas. All of our treatments will be done as timely as possible. Since we work hard to use “Green” products, most residents will not have to relocate during treatments. And depending on the type of services needed and if access to the area of treatment is available, clients do not have to be present during treatments. During the treatment for most pests, client will not need to do any work prior to treatment. But there can be an exception to this with infestations of Ants, Cockroaches, and Silverfish where a “clean out” of the area might be needed. During the evaluation, our technicians can advise you on the removal of any needed items that are promoting specific infestations. Depending on the targeted pest, most pest treatments will include a 30 day warranty.

Our Pest Control Treatments and Products

At Team Rid A Mite, we are proud of our use of “Green” products to keep your families, pets, tenants, staff, and/or customers safer. We offer a natural salt based product in our foam mineral treatments and an orange based oil treatment for larger areas such as for whole rooms, full walls, ceilings, attic areas, and garages. With these types of products, many clients do not have to vacate or move out during treatments.

Here are some specific service options that we offer for certain pests:

Pest Control Services Available Throughout Southern California

Team Rid A Mite is happy to service businesses, property managers, property owners, and residents of Southern California, San Diego, and to the entire Bay Area.

Contact Team Rid A Mite for Professional, Quality Service

Are you ready to protect your family, your home, and your contents from insects and pests and the health risks and destruction that they are capable of causing? Are you ready to safeguard against the loss of tenants, the protection of your goods and commodities, and the sanitation and overall health of your commercial property from insects and pests? Call Team Rid A Mite today at 818-399-7285 or click here to access our contact us form. At Team Rid A Mite, we are fully committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction.